newbie needs help mounting an LS-120 floppy drive (and more) to REDHAT 4.1

newbie needs help mounting an LS-120 floppy drive (and more) to REDHAT 4.1

Post by TeZ » Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I am new to linux and have just finished installing REDHAT 4.1 on my

I have an LS-120 floppy drive (3.5" uhd / IDE / 120mb) in my system and
can not figure out how to get linux to recognise it.

In the boot sequence Linux ID's it as hdb and says it is an LS-120 cosm
mode2 floppy drive, but i get errors when I do a mount /dev/hdb /mnt/fdd
(/dev/hdb - because thats what it calls it, /mnt/fdd - because this is
the directory I want it to appear in)

I would appreciate any help you could give me, I don't know if i need a
special driver, or if a am not setting it up right.

Also I have:
    adaptec ava1505/1515 SCSI card
    SCSI CD-R panasonic CR-7501b
    Soundblaster 16 PnP CT2980

I have been told I will need to recompile my kernel to include drivers
for them once I find and download them but I cant find them on the net.

please reply by E-mail as my isp has problems with incoming news groups
and I cant be sure I will get a responce via the news group.



      -=< TeZ >=-


1. rescue floppy for LS-120/ATAPI floppy drive

My file system seems to have corrupted overnight running SuSE 7.1.  Not
sure if it rebooted (I have a UPS, but not monitored) or fell back to
runlevel 1 when it got stuck accessing the disk (possibly due to heat
which was only up to around 85 degress F).

When it tries to fsck my / during reboot it drops to single mode after:
hdb: dma-intr: error=0x40 {Unrecoverable Error}, LBAsect=14771969,
sector 14681184
end_request: I/O error, dev 03:45 (hdb), sector 14681184
Error reading block 1835748 (Attempt to read block from filesystem
resulted in short read) while doing inode scan.

Anyway I made a tomsrtbt rescue floppy and it boots from a
standard floppy drive on the computer it was created on, but not the one
with the problem.  It correctly identifies hdc as LS-120, ATAPI floppy
(the floppy being booted from) and hdd as DVD-ROM, but later hangs
during or after a partition check of hdc (which has no partitions).

I could install another copy of SuSE on empty space on that hard drive,
but is there a rescue floppy version that can boot from an ATAPI floppy?

David Efflandt  (Reply-To is valid)

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