problem building GNU readline 2.1/shared

problem building GNU readline 2.1/shared

Post by r.. » Sun, 07 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to build a shared version of GNU readline on Linus 2.0.29...

a make shared works up to a point, but the loader phase is obviously
not seeing something it ought, as I get a zillion

undefined reference errors to things like strcpy, free etc, which I assume
should be in libc...

what do i need to change in the setup files for this to build correctly?



1. Building GNU Binutils V2.0 under Solaris 2.1


I'm trying to build the latest version of GNU binutils without Sun's C
compiler. The problem I've encountered is in bucomm.c where I get an
undefined symbol:


I can't find this in any of the libraries that Sun ship with 2.1

(I'm trying to build it with gcc 2.3.3.

Is this 'feature' of bucomm really vital?

Can build binutils without ranlib?

Thanks in advance

Shaun McCullagh (RA)
School of Information Systems.,
University of East Anglia.,
England NR4 7TJ

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