Need help instaling RH 5.0 (odd problem with installer)

Need help instaling RH 5.0 (odd problem with installer)

Post by Joshu » Mon, 03 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have been having a terrible time attempting to install RH 5.0 about
six months ago I successfully installed RH 4.1 however I had the use
some parameters when booting the system (boot: linux hda=cdrom
ide1=0x168,0x36e,12 hdc=none hdd=noprobe hdd=4994,16,63) figuring that
out took several days of reading how-tos and FAQ :).  Now I am trying to
upgrad to RH 5.0 but when the installer sees the boot parameters it
responds by saying unkown option's I have tried everything I could think
of and I've looked through countless pages of documentation however I
still can seem to find anything to fix this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance <<Josh>>


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Greetings, oh, great Linux gurus!  I'll try to make this short.

I have a Gateway 2000 PC P166 with 64 RAM, 2.5 GB HD, 8x CDROM, etc.  I
partitioned my HD into two sections.  One primary (C drive) for Win 95
and the other extended for Linux RH 5.0.  Each partition has 50% of the
drive space (1.25 gigs).  I went through the CD-ROM install and used
Disk Druid to partition for Linux and Swap.  I used 64 megs for swap and
the rest 1.15 GB for Linux.  But it failed during the RPM install.  It
said that the device did not have enough room!  So I tried installing
from my C drive.  Same error.  The book said that the full install with
X Windows, etc, would only take about 600 megs.  Can anyone offer any
help??  Thanks!

PS - Please reply via email and newsgroup


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