Dual boot/Dual Hard Drive

Dual boot/Dual Hard Drive

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I run a dual boot system (all SCSI drives, all boot sectors below 1024
cylinders) with Winbloze98/Caldera 2.2 Linux, using Boot
Magic that came with the Caldera distribution.  The Boot Magic panel kicks
into LILO (supposedly installed in the Linux boot sector, not the MBR)when
I select the Linux OS, and moves smoothly into Linux.   I would now like
to install a second hard drive and put another distribution of Linux on
the second drive and be able to boot up to the second drive from Boot
Magic.  Alternatively (but less desirable) I'll accept booting up all
three operating systems on two drives, from LILO.
Currently, Boot Magic "sees" the second drive and OS (I installed the
Caldera in a bootable 4 GB partition on the second drive as a test using
their wizard) and I can boot to the second drive with a floppy (using
"boot root=/dev/sdc" at floppy boot prompt). But if I try to boot to the
second OS on the second drive, I get the typical LILO crash of "10 10 10
10 ...".  LILO gets as far as "L" before crashing this way.
My understanding is that this is a LILO config problem and/or a MBR/boot
sector problem.  

How do I configure this to work properly?  I think that this would be very
valuable to present as a mini-how-to since hard drives are cheap and it
would be nice (I think) to isolate winbloz from linux.

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40 GB 7200 RPM ATA 100 (new-empty)

Now, I want to do dual boot of FreeBSD 4.4 with WinXP.
I would like to install each OS in each drive.
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-Steve Gunawan

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