Making my own Linux CD

Making my own Linux CD

Post by Rod Smi » Thu, 29 Jan 1998 04:00:00

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Quote:> I recently FTP'ed RedHat Linux 5.0 from with the intention
> of making my own personal CD with the distribution and other linux apps
> on it.

> My question is, does there have to be a specific tree structure on the CD
> for RH setup to recognise that there is a Linux disc in the CD drive?

Yes.  Your directory structure needs to look something like this for a Red
Hat install floppy to work with it:


Note that case *IS* important, and most (I think all, actually) of the
files under the RedHat/instimage directory must have execute permission.
You can put other apps (contrib directory, updated RPMS, other things
you've collected) anywhere, really, so long as you don't replace any of
the distribution files (i.e., don't try replacing any of the files in
RedHat/RPMS with more recent versions).

Note that if you're doing this on a non-Linux/Unix system, you'll likely
have problems creating a Rock Ridge CD.  In that case, the path of least
resistance is likely to create a Joliet CD and use a modified Red Hat
install floppy that I've cooked up:

This allows Red Hat to install from a Joliet CD.  Be sure to read the
instructions before proceeding, since there are a number of potential
pitfalls to avoid.

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