Win95 and Samba Printing

Win95 and Samba Printing

Post by Ron Haye » Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:00:00

> Product: OTHER OpenLinux 1.3  Registration Code: CSOL0130 11514

> Synopsis: SambaPrinter Queue Problem

> Hardware Configuration:
> Micron Millenia P200, Nec 860 SS Laser Printer(Hp Laser Jet II
> Compatible) on Lpt1

> I like OL 1.3 and am evaluating it instead of Winnt. However I have had
> great difficulty making printing work, first locally and now from a
> Win95 machine that I have connected. The permissions settings for the
> spool files I have found to be extremely finicky to set up and maintain.

> The Win95 machine can see the printer through Network Neighbourhood and
> I can install the printer. When I try to print it is detected by Samba
> in the KDE network utility and there is a job number. There is a file in

> the spool directory with tjhe job number name. It looks like a gear
> wheel if that is of any help.

> It does not print.

> I have attached the printcap file and the Samba conf file for info.

> In the printcap two printers are detected a ps and a raw, Which I
> created. Do I need both
> or will one do?

> Please let me know where I am going wrong. I have studied How-Tos and
> Usenet postings without coming up with a clear answer other than it
> could be a file permissions problem

> --
> Morris

>                   Name: smb.conf
>    smb.conf       Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>               Encoding: x-uuencode

> # /etc/printcap
> #
> # Please don't edit this file directly unless you know what you are doing!
> # Be warned that the control-panel printtool requires a very strict format!
> # Look at the printcap(5) man page for more info.
> #
> # This file can be edited with the printtool in the control-panel.

> ##PRINTTOOL3## LOCAL ljet2p 300x300 letter {} LaserJet2p Default 1
> ps:\
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/ps:\
>         :mx#0:\
>         :lp=/dev/lp1:\
>         :if=/var/spool/lpd/ps/filter:\
>         :sh:
> raw:\
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/raw:\
>         :mx#0:\
>         :sh:\
>         :lp=/dev/lp1:

  The site gives a write up how to implement printing through
I had no problems with Red hat Samba but with Caldera .

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