Installing new LILO

Installing new LILO

Post by jmsalv » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I downloaded the new version of LILO (21.5) that overcomes the 1024
cylinder limit for IDE. When running QuickInst as root, it says:

Making LILO ...

cc -E check-config.cpp `( if [ -r $ROOT/etc/lilo.defines ]; then cat
$ROOT/etc/lilo.defines; else echo -DM386 -DIGNORECASE -DVARSETUP
-DREWRITE_TABLE -DONE_SHOT -DVERSION; fi ) | sed 's/-D/-DLCF_/g'` `[ -r
/usr/include/asm/boot.h ] && echo -DHAS_BOOT_H` >/dev/null
as86 -0 -a -w -l temp2.lis -o temp2.o temp2.s
00806 0363           74           00>           toNull: je      near
null       ! cursor control
^junk after operands
01471 07FB           72           00>                   jb      near
^junk after operands
00806 0363           74           00            toNull: je      near
null       ! cursor control
*****                                                           ^unbound
^junk after operands
01471 07FB           72           00                    jb      near
^junk after operands
^unbound label

00004 errors
00000 warnings
make: *** [temp2.o] Error 1

Also, why does the README says that the 1024 cylinder limit is a
problem, just like the README in older versions of LILO? ... or is it
simply that the READ has not changed?

Also, running QuickInst warned that it should not be used to overwrite
an existing lilo installation.

The term 'installing LILO' is sometimes vague, as it is used in some
docs to mean 'installing the bootloader onto the boot sector or
something similar' .. and in this case it means 'building and installing
lilo into /usr/sbin/lilo ... without affecting the bootloader in the
boot sector'.

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