Cannot Execute rc.S and rc.M scripts

Cannot Execute rc.S and rc.M scripts

Post by John M. Trost » Mon, 13 Mar 1995 09:42:51

I am trying to setup my home computer with Linux, after having great success
with my work machine.  Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with the setup
at home.

All seems to go swimmingly in the setup:
   partioning the _2nd_ IDE HDD for use as the Linux drive
     main Linux partition /dev/hdb1
     swap partition /dev/hdb2

   put on A and AP disk sets (wanted to use D but had a bad floppy )c:  )

   setup configure of kernel
     lilo booting from MBR of hda1
       choice 1 -> DOS on /dev/hda1 (ie. C drive)
       choice 2 -> Linux 1.1.59 on /dev/hdb1 (ie. D drive)

Everything seems to be quite happy until I reboot.  I then get the following
errors in the boot process.

Mar 11 18:43:02 init[1]: version 2.4 booting
  init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Mar 11 18:43:02 init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Mar 11 18:43:02 init[1]: Entering runlevel:5
 init[3]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.M"
Mar 11 18:43:02 init[3]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.M"

Welcome to Linux 0.99.15.


to which I respond,"....what??!!!.. I thought I had version 1.1.59???!!!".  
Actually in the bootup, you can see that it is 1.1.59, so why is it saying
It is pretty confused about the mounting of the disk and the ability
to run those scripts too!

Drive C (in DOS-land) is a compressed drive, although /dev/hda1 is the
uncompressed drive (drive H in DOS-land).  Is that a problem???? The actual
Linux partition is on another drive, hdb, and was partitioned with Linux fdisk.



Atlanta, GA


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I got this problem in the boot process. When I boot my system, just after:

VFS mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly

This comes up:

Apr 9 15:23:47 init[1]: version 2.4 booting
init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[2]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.S"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[1]: Entering runlevel: 5
init[3]: cannot execute "/etc/rc.d/rc.M"
Apr 9 15:23:48 init[3]: cannot execute "/eyc/rc.d/rc.M"

welcome to linux 0.99.15.

The Linux version is 1.1.59.

The error happens on both a 386/16 with 5 MBRAM/42MBHD and on a 386/40 8 MBRAM
and 520 MB DOS shared HD. There are just a videocard (EGA or VGA tryed) and
a HD/FD controller in the maschine, sometimes there are also a NE2000 card,
but it dosent seam to change anything if i take it out. I even tryed several
times to reinstal the system even with software from different sites.

All the files in /etc/rc.d, and all the directorys above, has all rights set
for root, and execute rights for everyone else. I changed this so that, the
root (/), /etc, all files in /etc, the directory /etc/rc.d and finally all
files in /etc/rc.d has all rights set, nothing changes.

When I log in as root for the first time after boot, I have to

mount -n -o remount /
mount /proc /proc -t proc

Then the systems works until the next time it is booted.

When I am on the system (as root) I can not execute any file in the /etc/rc.d
directory. If I copy one ore more file from the /etc/rc.d directory, i still
cannot execute it. Everytime i write:


in the /etc/rc.d directory, and everywhere else, I get this error:

bash: ./rc.S: No such file or directory

even though I can edit the file with vi and cat it with

cat rc.S

I have looked in all the FAQ I can find, and all the documentation available.
Am I just stuppid, or am I the first in the world to encounter this problem.

Any hint and suggestion is higly apriciatet

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