NCR53C8XX timeout problems, please help.

NCR53C8XX timeout problems, please help.

Post by Luc I. Sur » Mon, 17 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

Could someone help us with the following problems:
        somehow we can not boot our system via the NCR53C8XXX
        onboard controller, it boots, sees the controler. Aslo
        sses that there are 2 decices attached (disk and tape)
        but then it hang for ever with errors like

                timeout, reset....

        tried kernel 2.0.35 and 2.1.115

        We have tried the save:y option and still same problem
        so if someone has solved this problem could you
        please share the solution, thz

        nb: Dual Pentium 2 400Mhz in a Intel N440BX system
        according the spec it is a NCR53C876.

kind regards



1. NCR53C8xx SCSI driver timeout when using DAC960 RAID controller

Can anyone here help me with this...

I've been lurking on the Linux SCSI and RAID discussion groups and can't
find anything related to the sepcific problem but the issue is probably
trivial or at least interesting.


Dual Pentium III (SMP) w/ Intel motherboard Pheonix 4.0 BIOS

Symbios SYM53C875 embedded PCI SCSI controller on motherboard

Intel DAC960 (Mylex) RAID controller (adapter) w/ 8 MB cache

(2) IBM DNES-309170W SCSI hard disks (SCSI IDs set at 0 and 1)


The ncr53c8xx (SCSI) kernel module won't finish loading if the DAC960
controller is in the machine.

If I remove the Mylex DAC960 controller from the machine, then ncr53c8xx
(SCSI) Linux kernel module loads without any problems (detects both SCSI
drives with correct IDs), but when the DAC960 controller is in the
machine, the ncr53c8xx module will start to load but after the module
detects both SCSI drives (after downloading SCSI scripts from each
drive) the module then aborts like so:

ncr53c876-0: Downloading SCSI scripts

ncr53c876-1: Downloading SCSI scripts

scsi: 2 hosts detected

scsi: aborting command due to timeout: pid 0; scsi 0; channel 0; id 0;
lun 0

ncr53c8xx_abort: ...

...but again, if I remove the DAC960 controller, then the ncr53c8xx
module loads fine.


The DAC960 kernel module loads fine.

The Mylex (DAC960) BIOS is not happy unless I disable the Symbios BIOS
(embedded PCI SCSI host) in the system (Pheonix) BIOS, otherwise the
DAC960 will complain about "Spinning up drives.... Target 0, Channel 0
not reponding" -- so apparently both the Mylex DAC960 BIOS and the
Symbios BIOS can not be both active at the same time.

We used the DOS utility that came with the DAC960 controller to
initialize the two SCSI disks as a RAID 1 array which seem go OK, but
either way it has no effect on the "aborting command due to timeout"
error coming from the ncr53c8xx module tries to load.


Tried installing Red Hat 6.0 (Kernel 2.2.11 I believe) and Suse 6.0 --
same behavior with both kernels.

My Guess

Does this have something to do with the SCSI BIOS not being enabled when
the Mylex BIOS is enabled -- a basic hardware conflict, which is odd
since the motherboard and RAID controller are both made by Intel.

I'm stumped. Hope you can send me a clue.


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