PCMCIA on NEC Versa 2400

PCMCIA on NEC Versa 2400

Post by Mark McClu » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00


I installed linux on my brand new NEC Versa 2405 CD.  For the most part
things have gone very smoothly but linux cannot find my PC card.  I've
read the HOWTO-PCMCIA thoroughly as well as some information specific to
other NEC laptops (http://www.santafe.edu:80/~nelson/versa-linux/) but
still haven't quite figured it out.  I've got a couple questions:

        1) Ideally, someone out there has an NEC Versa 2400 series
           laptop with slackware linux and PC card services running
           smoothly.  Could such a person give a little advice.

        2) I've tracked the problem down fairly closely.  The rc.pcmcia
           scripts fires up during start up and I've defined
           $PCIC=i82365 as it seems I should.  This module should be
           installed by the line "/sbin/insmod $PC/$PCIC.o $PCIC_OPTS".
           When I execute this line by hand I receive the following:
           > insmod i82365.o  [various options tried]
           Installation failed.

           Any suggestions?

Mark McClure


1. NEC Versa 2400 kernel recompile


I'm having a bit of trouble with a new kernel.  I installed Linux 2.0.0 on
a NEC Versa 2400 a while back and it works just great.  But, I now need
something other than a prebuilt kernel, so I did a recompile, (which went
fine) put an entry in the /etc/lilo.conf for the temporary position,
re-ran lilo, and gave it a boot.

It loads, uncompresses and goes its merry way for a short while, but
suddenly starts issuing what looks to be some kind of debugging dump, and
continues doing so while left on.  As far as I can make out the last thing
that was loaded before the dump occurs is the ide driver.  

(My hard drive is a Hitachi DK223A-81, but I couldn't find anything about
this in either the ide block device Documentation or the kernel sources
(though I didn't look too hard for the source of the dump).)

I've tried setting the base, ctl, and irq number manually but it doesn't
seem to help.  The wierd thing is that the premade kernel works without a

If anyone has any experience with this type of problem I would greatly
appreciate your help.  Please reply to my email address.  Thanks.




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