Sportster 56K modem hangs on connect

Sportster 56K modem hangs on connect

Post by Lyman Copp » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am attempting to set up a US Robotics Sportster 56k faxmodem. Using
seyon terminal communication program, I found that when
I type AT commands, or anything else to the modem, the text seems to
hang in the buffer for 3 or 4 seconds and then come spurting out. The
modem responds to the commands that spurt out with an "OK". When dialing
a BBS, the modem dials, connects, but then goes into a frozen state. It
will not respond from that point on unless I break the connection. Since
the modem is a plug-and-play type, I removed it, set the jumpers to the
same port and interupt settings (COM3, IRQ 5), but to no avail. The
modem works fine under windows 95. I have used both /dev/ttyS2 and
/dev/cua2 devices for these tests. Using stty, I made sure that ctsrts
is set and tried it with local set on and off. The min characters is set
to 1 and min time was tried at both 1 and 0. Base baud rate was set to
115,200. I have tried several other terminal device settings, and read
the Serial-HOTO but nothing helps. Any help would be appreciated.


1. 56K usr sportster modem

I have recently purchased a US Robotics 56K modem, I have
 successfully configured it as a PPP server.  I have used
 getty_ps.2.0.7j and I have configured my gettydef file
 using a fixed speed of 115200 (28.8k), it works great! However, when
 I used a higher speed of 220400 (57.6k), I can not get a handshake

 Does anybody know what extra step I have to do so that I can fire up
 USR sportster at higher speed.
 Thank you for your help in advance.
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