Reinstaling Linux.

Reinstaling Linux.

Post by Henrique Almei » Thu, 10 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hello and greetings from Brazil!

I'm new to the Linux community (just instaled Debian a couple of days
ago) and I think i'll like to use it a lot.

The problem is that I wasn't with all the .deb packages in my first
setup and thus some dependencies problems showed up.
Now I would like to reinstall from sketch, reformating de Linux
partition (native and swap) while mantening the others 3 that have
DOS/W95 programs (yes, I'll have to live with them for a while ;-).

This is my setup:

hda1: Linux with dual-boot LILO (boot)
hda2: DOS/W95 (boot)
hda3: Linux SWAP
hda4: Vfat
hda5: Vfat

How can this be done without messing up with the partition table,
leaving the hd bootable?


Henrique Almeida

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* One more word: I would like to be an active member of this
* newsgroup. In the begining it is logical that I'll ask more
* and post few answers, but that will change in time.
* And sorry about my english, ok?


1. Reinstalling Linux on a disk that has important data

I am restoring a Linux server whose hard disk was damaged
by a hacker attack.  I believe the whole /etc directory is
gone, and hence I cannot do remote logins. I haven't touched
the machine physically yet, but I probably will not be able
to do local logins (with local keyboard and monitor) either.

The problem is that before I reinstall Linux (RH 6.0) again,
I will like to rescue a few files, such as those under
/home and /var/named.

I am considering two approaches:


1) Boot up Linux with floppy and then (somehow) enable
networking, mount the hard disk mannualy, and back it up
over the network.  Reformat the HD and reinstall RedHat.


2) Reinstall Linux from scratch, just making sure the I
answer NO when I am offered the option to reformat the
partitions (/home, /var each has its own partition)
in which I have valuable data.

I would like to elicit your expert comments on the above
approaches.  Tips and gotchas are very much welcome.


-Ramon F. Herrera

ps: if you must answer by e-mail, do so to the
following address:  herrera (at)

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