RH5.0+NT Server 4.0 + Win95 boot problem

RH5.0+NT Server 4.0 + Win95 boot problem

Post by Persona Nongrat » Fri, 16 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I'm running 3 OS on my computer: RH5.0, NT server 4.0, and Win95. I have
3 HD: primary master: 2GB with 4 partitions on it - fat (win95,), Linux
native, Linux swap and 2MB of free space, secondary master - two ntfs
partitions on it with NT 4.0 installed on it, and secondary slave - 6.5
GB with two partitions - 4.3GB NTFS patition and a copy of the fat
partition from the primary master.

Lilo is installed on the MBR and works fine. Lately I wanted to get rid
of the old 2GB HD, I copied the fat partition (from the 2GB disk)  to
the big disk using partition magic,  I marked it bootable and tried to
boot from it, but got stuck. The problem as I understand it,  is that
lilo is trying to find the kernel and can't. So I tried to uninstall
lilo from the 2GB mbr with /sbin/lilo -u and when I rebooted I only got
"Li" on the screen and my computer just got stuck. When I reinstalled
lilo, with a boot diskette I got lilo to work again, and I could boot to
the other OS. I tried to work with diskedit (norton) and to copy the
code segment of a working NT boot sector to my 6.5GB boot sector, but
all I got was: Can't find NTLDR.

How can I get a my 6.5GB to boot to NT? Please help me.


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To all,

I'm running a Pentium II system with 64 megs of RAM, and two physical
Western Digital IDE harddrives on my primary IDE channel and a regular
CD-ROM with a Re-writable CD-ROM on the second IDE channel.

I loaded the first physical harddrive with NT 4.0 and made it one big NTFS
partition.  I have loaded RH5.0 on the second harddrive with all
appropriate partitions including a shared partition but when it gets to the
part during the install about including an entry in the Master Boot Record
for launching other OS's, it says that there was an error installing the
entry in the MBR.

I guess my question is:  Can I have the first harddrive dedicated to NT and
the second dedicated to Linux?  If not, do I have to make some sort of
partition on the first harddrive for Linux?

Any help would be appriciated.



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