"Mount failed" during Red Hat install of MkLinux - help!

"Mount failed" during Red Hat install of MkLinux - help!

Post by John Wheele » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have been trying to install MkLinux on a PowerPC 8500/150 running MacOS 8.
The machine has two harddisks, both on SCSI bus 0, one of which had several
MacOS volumes.

I download the DR3 CD image from the MkLinux web site, and burned a CD-ROM
using Toast. I configured the lilo.conf file to boot linux from the CD,
which should have started the installation procedure. Unfortunately, this
didn't work, so I copied the entire CD on to one of the partitions in the
second hard drive (which the pdisk utility refers to as /dev/sdb), and
configured "rootdev" in lilo.conf to point to the installation partition.

I used pdisk from MacOS to remove one of the existing MacOS partitions and
created a Linux partition. On rebooting the installation program started as
expected, and I continued by setting up the swap partition. I formatted the
"root" partition (which seems to take a very short time), and then tried to
continue with the installation of the linux packages.

At this point I got a "mount failed: invalid argument" message, and can't
seem to do anything to get round it.

Does anybody know what causes this problem? I have read some comments about
it, but nothing seems to have helped. Is it due to incompatible disk
drivers, or some kind of SCSI bus problem?

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer any ideas.


John Wheeler.


1. On install (Red Hat 5.0) "mount failed: invalid argument" with a Funai E2550UA CD

Seems this is a really common error message, but I can't find any deja or
current news to help me. I am trying to install Red Hat 5.0 on a DX/66 with 16M
Ram and 2x CD drive (Createive Labs, Funai E2550UA).

After booting from the floppy, I get to the "install from where" prompt and
choose "Local CDROM", it then prompts me to pick a CD type and I choose
Soundblaster type. It then offers an autoprobe or speicfy options. I have tried
the autoprobe, it can't do it and the specify options bit is a little strange.
It has sbpcd= entrybox  and a miscellaneous options entry box.

So I checked out the hardware HOWTO and that lists explicitly that this drive
is supported (good ... relief) and that the sbpcd driver is the one to use, but
the docs say you specify if it's in the kernel command line with the sbpcd line


while the prompt dring the 5.0 install requires IO Base, IRQ, label. Anything
and everything I have tried doesn't seem to get past the "mount failed: invalid
argument" response. BTW it appear as though some response is garnered by the
system since the door seems to rattle a little (but no light goes on).

Q. What do I have to enter on each of the lines (ie. explicitly direct me to
the format e.g. do I need spaces or commas separating parameters?, do I need
the IRQ for the CD?, is it the same as the soundcard IRQ (i.e. 5 ... 'cos there
aint an IRQ listed under Win95's view of the system)?,etc etc) of the specify
options section to allow me to get to the next section of the install? Do I
need anything on the "Miscellaneous options" line?

Thanks in desperation.


Dr. Alex

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