Shutdown Script

Shutdown Script

Post by Doug Laidla » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 18:55:43

I have just reinstalled Mandrake 7.2 for the ump*th time after messing
it up several times.  I have the Home and Var directories on separate
partitions and they were untouched.

Now on shutdown, I get to a message "No more processes at this runlevel",
or words to that effect and the system hangs.  The only way out is to press
the Reset button.  This is the first time that this has happened.  Is it
a problem with the script?  If so, can anyone tell me what script it is,
and what I need to do to it?



1. /usr/ucb/shutdown & Shutdown scripts

I have a Solaris 8 system, along with AIX & Linux systems.  I prefer to to
shut the system down with the '/usr/ucb/shutdown' command, because it uses
the same syntax as my other systems.  However, when I run 'shutdown -r
now', which reboots, the system does not execute the runlevel 0 scripts. I
assume this is because it is not running the /etc/rc6 script. However, the
/usr/ucb/ flavor of shutdown is supplied by Sun, so I would _hope_ that it
would simply enter runlevel 6 the same as a /usr/sbin/shutdown -i 6 would.
 Is this a known behavior, or do I have a problem?

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