LILO boot to CD

LILO boot to CD

Post by D.S. Hodgs » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Can anyone tell me what are the correct LILO options to set it up  so
it will boot from the boot partition of a CD rom.

I have a machine whose BIOS won't boot from the CD.  I would like to
be able to tell LILO at the prompt to boot from the boot partition of
the CD.  The CD is on /dev/hdb/  What are the LILO config options for

Many thanks,


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Anybody has ever configured lilo to boot an IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drive?
Running lilo gives the following error:
geo_query_dev HDIO_GETGEO (dev 0x1640): Invalid argument

The lilo.conf has the following lines for the CD-ROM:

A similar setup works for floppy disks. How can I make lilo to boot
any bootable CD-ROM? I should specify some geometry information or use
a different loader? The CD-ROM drive is the slave on the secondary
IDE interface (/dev/hdd).

To my previous post I got some informaition about:
a) how to burn bootable CD-ROMS
b) how to boot linux with lilo
I'm currenty not intrested in these.

Best regards,
        Zoltan Kolb

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