help decipher "conf;1: missing argument" error

help decipher "conf;1: missing argument" error

Post by John Thompso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

After a smooth server install of rh6.1 on a 486dx2 I get the following
error during boot:

Finding module dependencies conf:1: missing argument can't open

Can anyone point me to info describing what this error is and how to
resolve it.

Don't know it this is related, but my NICs don't work either (which is
the real problem for me).  The NICs were manually configured during
the install.  Before install, I used the DOS utilies for each card to
explicitly set their io and irqs and disable pnp (3c509 and Linksys
ether16).  One of the NICs (the 3c509) was previously working in this
machine under rh5.2.

John Thompson