Help: Trident 8400 PCI/AGP driver

Help: Trident 8400 PCI/AGP driver

Post by glmo.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I am looking for a  Linux driver for this Trident 8400 PCI/AGP card?. I
searched newsgroups, xfree86 and other sites, but I couldn't get any
information about this driver for Linux. I am rarely using Linux because
of this. Windows had no problem in detecting and installing the driver
for this card.

I would be happy if someone can at least point me to some links where I
can get the documentation for this chip. I couldn't find at Trident's


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I have a PCChips 585LMR motherboard with an embedded Trident 8400 PCI/AGP
graphics adapter (according to W98 system device list).  I am running a dual
boot with W98 and Mandrake 7.1.  Unfortunately, all the embedded devices on
this mother board work fine in Linux, except for the graphics adapter.  The
best I can get is 640x480 resolution out of it.  Have tried emailing support
at both PCChips and Tridentmicro; without response.  Does anyone know
anything about this graphics adapter.  I am starving for any info at
Thanks in advance.

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