ACE DoubleFlashPlus Flash Cards with Linux and pcmcia-cs-2.8.17

ACE DoubleFlashPlus Flash Cards with Linux and pcmcia-cs-2.8.17

Post by Kevin For » Mon, 04 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have one of these cards working with this package yet?  I
installed 2.8.15 several months ago, but was never able to get it to
recognize my DoubleFlashPlus 20/40 MB flash card that I use in my HP
200LX.  This is a Type II Card, and says it's manufactured by IBM for
ACE Technologies (the Vendor).

Help anyone?  All I need to know is if somebody has managed to get
this card to be recognized or not, and if so, just a few pointers on
how you did it since the package did not recognize the card with the
package's default setup.



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Any help would greatly be appreciated


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