Slow telnet and ftp response

Slow telnet and ftp response

Post by Meor Ridzua » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi.  I have one linux box and a workstation (NT/Linux/FreeBSD). Before I

add a second NIC, the response was fast ( I just use a cross cable to
connect the two).  It used to have only 3c509 nic.  After a while, I
added a 3c905b nic to my workstation so that I can connect to my lan and

my linux box at the same time. (the 3c509 to my linux box, 3c905 to the
lan).  But, now the telnet/ftp session seems to be very slow, although
from the ftp session it says connected. I think only http response are
resonable, but the linuxconf response (also from a web browser) a very
slow.   I tried it using NT, linux and FreeBSD from my workstation but
there seems to be no different. I've tried to use the 3c905 to connect
to the linux box, but still the same.  Any idea where else should i
check? By the way, the lan uses network and i use
for my network to my linux box (both private network number).


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I am running solaris 2.5 on a Sparc20, and I am using DNS for name service.  
When I Telnet to the machine from a remote site, I get very poor response.  It
works for about 1 minute, then hangs for ~1 minute.  If I Telnet to another
machine on our local ethernet, and rlogin to the Solaris 2.5 machine, the
response is fine.  This leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the
connection into my site.  Is there something I need to adjust.

                      Bryan Franz

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