fips and filesystem type 44h

fips and filesystem type 44h

Post by Victor Zand » Sat, 02 Sep 2000 00:46:18

    I recently had a problem using fips 2.0 to repartition a Windows98
partition.  fips reported:

    Error: Unknown file system 44h

    Through several and web searches I found several
instances of other people with the same problem, but no solutions.  I
eventually figured it out, so I'm reporting here to hopefully spare
others the same grief.

    The problem was a software package installed on the Windows
partition called GoBack.  This program lets you take your disk "back
in time".  It appears to modify the underlying filesystem, and
accordingly it changes the filesystem type from the standard Windows
type to 44h.

    You can fix the problem by DISABLING GoBack before you run fips.
Disabling it will restore the filesystem type to something fips
understands.  You can disable GoBack through the GoBack user interface
(there is a button clearly marked "disable" somewhere).  It is not
necessary to uninstall GoBack.


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