Adaptec 2940AU problem

Adaptec 2940AU problem

Post by Beat Zahn » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00


I use an Adaptec 2940AU SCSI-Host on my Linux Box with RedHat-Linux 5.0

All works well but when I reboot the machine, it hangs when he should
detect the SCSI-Devices. I use also WinNT on this machine and there is
no problem. Only when I reboot from Linux it hangs.

Beat Zahnd
Engineering School Biel


1. Adaptec 2940AU problems

I recently purchased an Adaptec 2940AU adapter for my system and am
having problems getting Linux to see it. I am using the Adaptec 2940
boot diskette but it does not report my SCSI setup.  I have a quantum
3.2 GB Ultra SCSI-3 drive hooked up to the 2940.  I also have a Mitsumi
12x IDE CD-ROM drive hooked to the M/B. Does the standard 2940 boot disk
support the 2940AU? I didn't see any mention of it. I am using a Pentium
Pro 180 on the Intel Venus M/B. 64MB RAM, and a SoundBlaster 32PnP. Is
this not going to work?


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