Matrox Msytique

Matrox Msytique

Post by crai » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I've a Msytique card and was wondering if i will be able to get X
running at all?
I thought i would ask before trying
thanks, Craig


Matrox Msytique

Post by Michael Knigh » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

> I've a Msytique card and was wondering if i will be able to get X
> running at all?
> I thought i would ask before trying

Yep, it will work.  I have a 2Mb PCI Mystique working with XFree86
v3.1.2 now.  You will only be able to get it to work with the VGA16
server.  I have mine running at 640x480 with 16 colors.  I think I've
read about people getting it to run at 800x600.  Mine is currently
running with 800x600 *virtual* resolution.

I simply installed X, ran the configuration utility, and viola, I had
a working X configuration.

Read on for additional information on this:

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For those wondering if their Matrox (MGA) Millenium or Mystique will
work with either Linux or XFree86, here are your up to date answers:

First of all, Linux supports most any (if not all) VGA cards in text
mode.  But Xfree86 does not currently support Matrox Video cards
directly.  There is a chance that the VGA16 Xserver for Xfree86 *may*
work in lower resolution and lower color modes (example:  640x480
with 16 colors).

Second, there is a group of individuals who are currently working on
writing drivers for Matrox cards, starting with the Millenium.  They
have the support of Matrox on this project, and a driver is included
in the SVGA xserver for XFree86 3.2 that was recently released.

This driver for the Millenium does not take full advantage of the
card's capabilities.  Bare-bones acceleration and fills.  No 3D
stuff yet, but that will come in future driver releases and fixes.

If work on the Millenium is satisfactory, Matrox may donate a couple
of Mystiques for development of a driver.  If you want the most
up-to-date information on this project, you should check:

Matrox is coming around, we just need to push harder.

Finally, for those wishing to spend a little cash (or a lot), you can
purchase a commercial Xserver.  The Millenium is supported by:

1. Metro-X by Metrolink (
2. Accelerated-X by XInside (

The Mystique is only supported by the Accelerated-X Xserver.  Both
xservers fully support all aspects of the cards, including full
acceleration and 3D functions, I believe.  You may want to check
with the respective vendors to be certain.

There may be other commercial xservers out there, but these two I've
checked on personally.  If you purchase Redhat 4.0 from a vendor, it
includes the Metro-X xserver and *should* have support for Milleniums.

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