Linux Universe (kernel 2.0)

Linux Universe (kernel 2.0)

Post by Stuart D. Lum » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I'm wondering what the Linux community thinks about this package? I bought
"The Complete Linux Kit" by Stefan Strobel which comes with four CD ROMs
and two large and well-write books on the subject. I haven't installed
Linux Universe yet, I'm reading these 400 page books first!

Anyway, just wanted some input.

Stuart D. Luman


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  Linux Universe 2.0 hangs when I try to install it on my second hard drive
which is /dev/hdc.  It gets to the point where it says copying files and then
just sits there doing nothing. Doesanyone know anything that can be done or
needs to be passed as a boot parameter?


   Eric Downing

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