newbie query - saving install messages to a file

newbie query - saving install messages to a file

Post by Andy Elve » Fri, 11 May 2001 16:23:03

Hi all.  Just a quick query here -

  I've had an unsuccessful attempt at installing Linux (both RH7.1 , then
Mandrake 8.0 ) .  I found (via the weekly Linux Journal "mailout" ) that
when you *already*  have Linux installed, (and are trying to upgrade) , you
can print a copy of /var/log/dmesg to help if you have any problems.

  My query is - " If I do **not** yet have Linux installed (and I'm in the
process of *trying to do so*  ) , **is it possible** for me to zing the
messages that apppear to a file ? "

 What I mean by this is , when I go to the dos prompt and fire off
"autoboot"  to install Linux ( I can't boot from CD on my system) ,  you get
the usual pile of stuff as the installer chugs away.   I want to be able to
save those messages by sending them to a file.

 It would seem that a dos pipe command might do this , but I don't know if
it's possible . (And given that Linux *ain't yet installed* , a Linux
command probably ain't possible either .... :-))

 Many thanks in advance for any help received !


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