upgrading windows without blowing away Linux ?

upgrading windows without blowing away Linux ?

Post by btrva.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I currently have Caldera's e.Desktop and windows
98 installed using Boot Magic as the loader.  I'm
planning to install a win 2000 upgrade but am
afraid that I may hose Linux.  I'm assuming that
I have to uninstall boot magic, run the windows
upgrade, and then user the windows 2000 boot
loader.  According to Caldera Boot magic does not
support windows 2000.


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Machine A: 900 MHz Athlon, WinXP Pro
Machine B: 1200 MHz Athlon, RH 7.2
Network: 100 mbit/second ethernet

TCP speeds:

    A --> B     11000 kbytes/second
    B --> A     11000 kbytes/second
    A --> A     25000 kbytes/second
    B --> B    230000 kbytes/second

I expect B-->B to be a little faster than A-->A.  Give it a factor of 1.33
for the clock speed, another 1.5 for being a later model chip, and a factor
of 2 for the faster bus and DDR RAM, and it is still a factor of 2.3 slower.

I wonder if this is a general suckiness of the Windows TCP implementation,
or if just the loopback device is slow?  (There was an NT/Win2K bug where
loopback was severly limited...the kludge workaround was to find your
non-loopback IP address and connect to that...I wonder if that bug lives in

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