Server Domain name & Host name

Server Domain name & Host name

Post by hallam » Tue, 08 May 2001 03:30:31

Just setting up my server (redHat 7.1) via linuxconf
What do I need to put as the Host name+Domain?

I have checked all the how to's Man pages and other web sites!!

I will be setting this up with a cable modem connection to my ISP, with 2 x
Win98 boxes connected to the Linux Server - hopefully using it to get on the
internet for web and mail services (+ ICQ & MSN Messenger). I will also be
using it to test web sites before publishing to the net.




1. Host name, primary name, domain name...?

Can someone please tell me what should I put for these name?

I have local network with several computers and one of them is running
redhat linux  6.1.  I also have an SMC router to get out to the

I want to setup my linux box to be my web/email/ftp/telnet server with
my registered domain name,

host: c123456-a

SMC router:

linux box:

What should I put for these name?
<In netconf host basic configuration>
Host name:
Primary name + domain name:

<Resolver configuration>
Default domain:

<Basic sendmail configuration>
Present your system as:
Mail server:
Mail gateway:


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