NEW LINUX PAGE -- install notes for RH5.2/KDE

NEW LINUX PAGE -- install notes for RH5.2/KDE

Post by Barry Kaule » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

The site is:

 -- dual-booting with Win95
 -- fixing video problems
 -- installing KDE
 -- configuring Internet dial-up

These are hints to fix problems, not a replacement
for the proper documentation!

Barry Kauler


1. Installing RH5.0 on new machine, install crashed!

I have a new machine, a Dell P2/300.  NT4.0 is already installed on it in a 2GB
FAT16 partition.  The HD is 14.4GB total.

When I start up RH5.0 install, the disk partitioner reports only 8GB of
available disk space.  I've heard that there's a problem with Linux and drives
bigger than 8GB.  Can it use them still if it's installed within the first 8GB
or not?

I set up a 2GB partition and a 64MB swap partition and proceed with the install.
It gets through installing the packages etc., about 90% done, then says
something like this:

System error 7; install failed
sending termination signals...
you may now reboot safely.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Shade and sweet water,

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