large ide disk problem

large ide disk problem

Post by Klaus Preisle » Mon, 24 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi All

I just got myself a 3.8 giga ide disk (It's cheap!!!, OK). The problem
is that My bios can only handle maximum 3.2 giga disks. BUT... if i lie
to the bios a tell it that my disk is a <3.2 disk windows NT can easily
create partitions all over the disk. I conclusion to this is that the
bios values can be overridden or ignored or whatever.
If I try to add a partition on the disk using linux fdisk It keeps
telling me that the partion has no type. in the partion list there
already exists 4 partion even though NT only uses one and claims the
rest of the disk is empty (no extended partition either). I can delete
the partitions, but they do not disappear from the list afterwards. I
have tried power quest partition magic 2.01. But it refuses to work with
the disk unless it has been setup correctly in the bios. WHHHAAAAAAA !

What do I do ? What program do I need to ignore my bios and set up the
partitions. I know that once they exist linux can easily change the type
to native, swap using fdisk.

please, please, please help me!