fdisk, 6Gb drive, unkown partition table

fdisk, 6Gb drive, unkown partition table

Post by Glenn Heinz » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am also having problems installing a harddrive.  I've seen other posts,
but no real answers.  I bought a 6Gb hard drive and installed it as a master
on my secondary ide port.  bios and the os recognize the drive.  Whenever I
try writing a partition (regardless of size) from fdisk, on exit I get an
"unkown partition table" message. If I create the partition with OS2 fdisk
and then change the partition type with Linux fdisk, it will write and exit
okay. I can mkfs, fsck mount and write to it (but only to about 1% of the
disk).  But if I reboot, fsck won't work and fdisk will again give the
"unknown partition table".

              /dev/hda  2Gb                     /dev/hdc 6Gb
fdisk      64 hd, 63 sect, 975 cyl     15 hd, 63 sect, 13395 cyl
bios      16 hd, 63 sect, 3900 cyl   15 hd, 63 sect, 13395 cyl

      unit size= 4032*512bytes            unit size=945*512 bytes

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated


1. RH 5.0 install freaks out drive partition table...now can't fdisk the drive!

        Finally installing RH 5 in my journey to move into other OS's
besides OS/2 (getting off the train before it stops
rolling...)...but I've run into a problem.

        Initially, I tried to install RH on my #2 drive (hdb).  It
worked fine, but crashed in the middle of the install.  Now, I
can access the partitions on the disk, but whenever I fdisk the
drive (via OS/2 or DOS), it crashes fdisk (now THAT is something
I wasn't looking for...) and Partition Magic can't touch the disk
(says it's full, get a 'logical chains' partition error (#120)).

        I tried to re-install RH...crashed again--this time with the
following message:

                RPM of XFree86 failed.  Unpacking failed on file:
                no such file or directory.

        I've tried the rescue option off the install diskettes, but I'm
not well versed yet in *nix-ese and couldn't get fdisk to run so
I'm lost there.

        Any help is appreciated.  Vitals are:

        486DX120 (SP3 motherboard)
        2 HDisks--1 gig each, partitioned in the following:

        Disk 1

                Boot Manager
                C:  Win 95 (hidden)
                C:  DOS/win boot
                E:  OS/2 (under hpfs)
                F: and G: -- both hpfs

        Disk 2

                D:  FAT16
                --a 500 meg partition where I was going to put Linux
                --another hpfs
                --unused partition where the swap file was going to go
                --another FAT16 partition

        Thanx for any help in advance!

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