Large IDE Hard disks - What's with the 1024 cyl limit?

Large IDE Hard disks - What's with the 1024 cyl limit?

Post by James Youngma » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

  m> The root partition has to be in the first 1024 cylinders, right?

Nope, just /boot.   Most people don't bother with a separate partition
for /boot.

  m> Does /usr and /etc also have to be there, or does it not matter?

They can be anywhere.

  m> Basically, does linux have problems with over 540Mb drives, or am
  m> I doing something silly?

It doesn't.   But the BIOS does.   The stuff in /boot is the stuff
that has to be loaded by LILO using the BIOS, in order for it to be
able to copy the Linux kernel from disk to RAM before starting it.

  m> Does Linux have to on the first drive of the machine?

No, but /boot has to be below the 1024-cylinder point with older

  m> Is the solution as simple as swapping leads and having the Linux
  m> drive as IDE1?

Start by loading Linux using LILO on a floppy.   Get that working,
then think about messing with the hard disks.


1. BootManager + large SCSI HD = no 1024 cyl limit ?

   Hi all !

   I'm about to get rid of my two IDE HD and install a big (2.1 GB)
SCSI hard disk. I want to install DOS, OS/2 and Linux on it. Now,
before getting into trouble, I wanted to know how I would format
it. Obviously, I'll install OS/2's boot manager. Will the
combination BootManager and SCSI HD remove the problem with
boot drive higher than the 1023rd cylinder ? For instance, I
plan to partition the HD the followind way :

c:      PRI     DOS boot        ~25 MB
d:      LOG     DOS data        ~400 MB
e:      LOG     OS/2 boot       ~75 MB
f:      LOG     OS/2 data       ~1 GB
everything left for Linux.

   Will I be able to boot Linux even if it's installed so far
on the drive ? I don't have the geometry of the drive, but I'm
pretty sur Linux will be well beyond the 1023 cylinder. I like
this setup because it's very 'clean'. So, any problems in sight
or is it OK ?

   Further, I'll may have to add NT in the future to this setup.
Will it be able to boot too ?

   Thanks for any help.

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