netscape News: "show all newsgroups" doesn't work

netscape News: "show all newsgroups" doesn't work

Post by Neil Kooz » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I've installed Netscape, and the browser portion works fine, but in the
News window, the "show all newsgroups" option doesn't work; it goes up through
"alt" and quits.  So I can't see how to subscribe to any newsgroups (above
"alt").  This behavior is identical with NN 3.01 (standard) and NN 2.02.  I've
installed the patch from 'theofilu', but this made no difference.  I also
checked out the win95 version of NN 2.02, and that works correctly.

I'm using:
    linux 2.0.27        32mb ram
    libc 5.4.17         82mb swap 1.8.5
    ppp 2.2.0f

Does anybody know the cure for this?



1. Why doesn't echo "text" 'command' "more text" work?

                 ^                                        ^
Wrong quotes, should be -
   echo "You have" `grep Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` "messages."
or -
   echo "You have `grep Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` messages."

But, another problem is, if you've no mail, /usr/spool/mail/me does not
exist, leading grep to say:
   grep: can't open /usr/spool/mail/me
Wc will still report 0.

You might try -
   sh -c 'echo "You have `grep 2>/dev/null Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` messages."'

Hope this helps.

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