Changing Multiple users accounts?

Changing Multiple users accounts?

Post by david roma » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I was hoping someone had or could tell me how to make a script that would at
its simplest core allow me to copy a file from one account (like root for
example) to all the other /home/users acounts?

Basically, if I see a neet little trick or whatever (like this .logout) file
now, and want to implement it, I don't want to have to go in by hand to all
the users accounts and copy it in there.

I tried "cp -v /root/.logout /home/*" but that didn't work?
either did "cp -v /root/.logout /home/*/"

besides, I need to "chmod 644 .logout" anyways, so even if it did work, the
second part wouldn't. Is there a way to do this via like $HOME or something
and can the filename be a variable.



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I have several co-workers sharing a single machine.
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user needs his own ppp access (none concurrently) to his own
I can set up ppp, no problem, but getting each his own script and
getting the permissions straight I could use some help with.


Hey, I heard penguins feed their young by regurgitating into their
mouths.  That kind of describes linux support. :-)

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