Upgrading 1.3.x/Motif 2.0 system to 2.0.33/Motif 2.1 -- any problems/gotchas?

Upgrading 1.3.x/Motif 2.0 system to 2.0.33/Motif 2.1 -- any problems/gotchas?

Post by Stephen Benso » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've just ordered the SuSE 5.2 and Motif 2.1 Developer Pack ($99.95, good
deal) from LSL, which I plan to put on my new toy -- a P2/400 (Supermicro

machine -- a P5/120 (Aladdin/Triton PCI, AHA-2940 SCSI, ATI Mach64). Both
machines have 3Com 900 NICs.

So I want to upgrade the old machine as well -- it's a while since I've
spent much time with Linux that I'm pretty rusty; I remember the system as
sort of mixed elf/aout. The kernel .config says:


I think what the comment signifies is that there is kernel support for ELF,
but the kernel itself wasn't compiled in ELF format. Does that sound right?

Basically I'm up for advice on any of this - any possible problems, things
to look out for...


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platform is Motif 1.2 and I am concerned about difficulties that might
arise from developing under Motif 2.1.  If newer features of the
libraries are not used, are Motif 1.2 and Motif 2.1 applications source
compatible?  Is it easy to determine what features are not compatible
between the two releases?  I read somewhere that at least one of the
Linux Motif distributions includes Motif 1.2 libraries in their
distribution, is this typical?

Thanks in advance,


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