Another partition critique - Red Hat and NT

Another partition critique - Red Hat and NT

Post by Happy Harr » Mon, 18 Mar 2002 11:47:30

An oft asked question I know, but I'm about to install Red Hat 7.2
alongside Win 2000 and would appreciate any input on partition setup. I
use partitions with windows and know their value, so I'm looking for
advice on size and placement more than the benefits or otherwise of
using multiple partitions. Shoving it all together may work, but may as
well try to learn best practice. :)

My previous experience of Linux is limited to an install of Debian on a
salvaged 486, from which I picked up a (very) limited smattering of
commands and a slight familiarity with the filesystem. Interesting, but
I want to play with pretty colours so this is going on my main machine.
Abit KT7a board (no raid used), Duron 900, 2 x 30Gb IBM deskstars,
512Mb. This is how I have it planned:

Disk 1

win 2000     2gb
win apps     5gb
/          500mb
/swap      500mb
/usr         2gb
/usr/local   3gb
/var       500mb
/home        5gb

Disk 2

win swap   700mb
/swap      500mb

The rest will be set aside for linux/win/archives as needed.

This will be used as a workstation only. I'll do a custom RH install but
will no doubt add a lot of packages to play with, including Gnome and
KDE.. are the /root and /usr sizes fair enough for a bloatish install?
Same with /usr/local, I'm sure I'll be installing a lot of *gasp* free
software to play with so I've gave that 3gb.. will I struggle to fill
that? Depends on what kind of software you use I suppose, but I don't
really know what I'll be trying.. probably be like a kid in a candy
shop. Who can't get the wrappers off. Does all software besides whats
initially installed go into /usr/local?

I like the idea of having /usr/local separate so you keep anything
you've added on reinstalling the OS, I read that doing this also means
/usr can safely be made read only, is that right? Are there any other
partitions that can be made read only, or a setup that facilitates doing

I'll symlink /tmp and /usr/tmp into /var/tmp as is often recommended.
This will be a workstation as I say so I assume this can be pretty
small, is there much not server related that can need lots of room in
/var or /tmp?

I usually have the NT pagefile at the start of the second disk, and I'll
put half the Linux swap after that for the same reasons, ie better
performance from minimizing disk head activity on the first disk. Is
there any advantage in having all the linux swap on a second physical
drive, or is it best split across disks? Similarly, is there any kind of
advantage to placing other system stuff on a second drive?

Thanks for your time.


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