(Q) reinstalling linux after umsdos problems

(Q) reinstalling linux after umsdos problems

Post by Carl Dav » Sat, 31 May 1997 04:00:00

I don't know if this is a unique problem, but here goes.
In a laboratory here, we had Windows 3.1 and linux working together under
umsdos. Students could boot to either one, and the linux was used to run an
x-windows emulator, allowing remote computing over the internet, to a "foreign"
It took quite an effort (and some help from this group) to get this going, but
we did, several years ago.
Then, someone, presumably a student, trashed something, most likely by editing
a linux file under MSDOS (or Windows) and we lost the entire system.
I attempted all kinds of fixes, none of which worked, and so decided to
reinstall linux.
I have the new slackware 3.2 A1-9 disk set on the hard drive, scsinet.s and
umsdos.gz on floppies, and can boot OK, but when under setup the following
wierd behavior occurs:
1) if I choose TARGET, it asks about dev/hda1 and when I press ENTER, it
freezes up, and needs rebooting.
2)if I choose source, it rejects all attempts to enter /dos/slack or slack, or
/dev/hda1/slack when C:\slack is the directory off of which A1-9 are located.
It keeps requiring /mnt, and there is no help, no diagnostics, etc., to help me
figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Can someone help?
I finally erased the entire old c:\linux directory, so the system should be
clean, but I'm not understanding something.
Thanks in advance, and could you reply directly, since this group is hard to
monitor from the IBM mainframe which I have to use.
Thanks in advance.
Carl David



After tons of work, and failures, I hope someone here can help me.
We had an old slackware version of linux under umsdos working perfectly,
and a student must have done something, since it became corrupted.
We erased the entire distribution from the hard disk, downloaded the newest
slakware, and attempted reinstalling, only to fail repeatedly.
This computer is a plain vanilla Gateway with a Western Digital hard disk.
We used scsinet.s and umsdos.gz, and see error messages about hdc, tray open,
etc., although there is no hdc, and the hda looks fine.
Finally, when we start up VFS, mounting the hard disk as /dev/hda1,
the system attempts to create /linux/dev and fails, sitting there like a dead
Nothing, no trickery that I can find gets me around this wierd problem, and I
am lost.
Can someone help?
And could you respond directly, as I am forced to follow this group through a
mainframe connection which is not well suited to the task.
Thanks in advance.
Carl David
p.s., I thought of going to another distribution, like RedHat, but could not
find the "DOS" versions.

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