FTP problems.. canot acces

FTP problems.. canot acces

Post by stev » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I'm having problems with SLACKWARE 3.0.  I the ethernet connections
seemingly working ok.  However I cannot perform a FTP login, on the linux
sys as a client (via my ISP remotely).  The /etc/ftp... files seem to be
set up correctly.  operative word is "seem" as I can't find a MAN page or
HOW-TO on the subject

Any ideas



1. Newbie question xhost server acces, cant remove acces

xhost gives

I want to remove/deny acces from host2&3
xhost -host2
xhost -host3

Now xhosts gives

Acces from host 2&3 still working,
restarting doesn't help, removing by IPnumber doesn't help !

So where to look (what files), or how to remove these hosts.

OS/release: Linux SuSe 6.1
XFree     : 3.3.1


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