MS-DOS Swap File vs. Swap Partition

MS-DOS Swap File vs. Swap Partition

Post by Bruce Fei » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

Hello, All;

What performance difference, if any, should I expect to see between a
native Linux swap partition and a swap file residing on an MS-DOS

I'm currently using my Microsoft Windows swap file as a Linux swap
file, and I'm considering adding a dedicated Linux swap partition as
well.  If there's no performance benefit, I may as well just use a
larger Windows swap file.



1. Swap file VS Swap partition


I just installed slackware 2.02 and everything works fine except X. Perhaps it's
just me but I feel that X is now slower than before.

I believe that the difference in speed is because I now use a swap file on my
linux native partition (16mb) and the swapon command, instead of my old linux swap
partition (20mb).

The question is:

Is there a performance difference between the two methods of swapping ?
Will I increase the performance of swapping if I switch back to a swap partition
instead of the swap file I am using now?


PS> I have a 486 dx2 with 8mb ram..

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