A solution to a 'lpd running but no printing problem'

A solution to a 'lpd running but no printing problem'

Post by Jeff Wexle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

When I was looking for solutions for this problem, I saw in the
newsgroups that other folks encountered similar trouble:
The problem:
*) I was trying to cancel an active job that was a long document that I
changed my mind on for printing  (lprm didn't work and I wasn't too
familiar lpc). Instead, I just deleted the c... and d... entries for
that job in /var/spool/lpr/lp
*) As a result, printing got fairly messed up with the next queued jobs
only being printed one-at-a-time and only if I restarted lpd

A Solution:    (actually a quite simple one) (By-the-way, my system is
Redhat Mandrake 6.1 so you should do the equivalent for yours):
*) Entered Xwindows (started kde) as root user
*) Ran printtool (just type 'printtool' at a konsole )
*) Temporarily modified my printer's entry for "spool directory" to
point to a temporary name in the same directory (e.g., from
'var/spool/lpr/lp' to 'var/spool/lpr/tmp'.  Then clicked on the edit
button and temporarily changed the top/bottom margin. (This is probably
not necessary, but I just wanted to ensure that 'printtool' would update
the configuration settings.)
*) In the 'Test' menu of 'printtool', had it print a test 'ASCII' page.
This printed fine via the new directory /var/spool/lpr/tmp.
*) Then removed both /var/spool/lpr/lp and /var/spool/lpr/tmp
*) Then reopened 'printtool' and changed the 'spool directory' back to
'/var/spool/lpr/lp' and changed the top/bottom margin back to its
original value
*) Then tested printing and was happy with the result.
*) What this did was re-create the configuration files and filter in
/var/spool/lpr/lp directory

Hope that helps and cheers,


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