Help setting up LINUX on Internet

Help setting up LINUX on Internet

Post by Robert E. Ca » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for someone local to Tidewater, VA to set up DNS, smail/sendmail,
SLIP service and UUCP on my LINUX system.  It is currently installed on a
486DX2-66 connected to the net via ISDN, with upgrade and expansion to occur
during the summer.  We will also be setting up Web, IRC and terminal servers
as we expand, with this becoming a full-time position in the fall.  We are in
the process of becomming a full-service ISP.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for an ODU, VA Weslyan or Norfolk
State student to get experience in the "real" world, make some money and get a
good reference (if s/he decides not to stay with us).

Teaser:  An interest in Virtual Reality will fit in well!

Please respond via e-mail.

Thanks, Bob