mgetty won't answer FAX calls

mgetty won't answer FAX calls

Post by Stephan Well » Mon, 05 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hello there,
I have a big problem receiving faxes with mgetty.
I have an Aceex 1496 modem and I'm running mgetty
on Linux.
What happens is that my modem picks up the line,
goes through its baudrate chat, then the line drops.
Then my modem, still being off hock goes into fax answering
mode and sends the appropriate signals.
The other side, so I'am told by my friends sending those faxes
also hear my modem picking up, going through the
baudrate stuff and then the line drop.
I'd be very grateful if anybody could post a solution to the

                   Stephan Weller


1. Fax modems answering data calls as FAX

I have been setting up some dial in lines, using mgetty to answer the phones
(I had problems getting uugetty to work). However, the modems sometimes
answer data calls as FAX, which doesn't work very well.

I assume there is some command that you can send to a modem to stop it from
receiving faxes alltogether, but my modem manual does not contain any
command codes for doing this

Does anyone know what command this is? Better yet, does somebody have a
complete set of commands?

The model of modem that I am using is a Dynalink 1414VQE (Fairly cheap & nasty)

Thanks for any help you can give.

Bruce Cooper.

Mr. Bruce Cooper       (Honours Student in Information Technology)   _--_|\
Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems               /      \
Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering                        *_.--._/
The University of Western Australia                                       v

:q  Damn

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