LILO hangs early

LILO hangs early

Post by Jay Kre » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Some other people in comp.os.linux.* have brought this up,
but I haven't seen any answers. I'm having this problem booting
Linux (with LILO) where it hangs while printing the characters
LILO. The other day it printed LIL- and hung. With today's
installation, it's LI. All along, a boot disk, and I assume
loadlin would work, but why not LILO?

(I've been looking for some fm's to read too.)

I'm using the NT multi booter with the bootsector either read
from the first 512 bytes of my Linux partition or from
/boot/boot.0306. What are all the different boot files in /boot?