Linux and SCSI adapter Adaptec 1505

Linux and SCSI adapter Adaptec 1505

Post by J-A Montagno » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Are there recomended drivers for the Adaptec 1505 ?

Thanks in adavance


1. For the FAQ: Adaptec AVA-1505 (AIC6360) SCSI adaptor

I recently installed Linux on an ISA 66 MHz 486DX2 machine using the
Slackware 2.0 release from the 1994.08 Walnut Creek CD-ROM.  I'm using
an Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI adaptor with an AIC6360 chip.  This is not
mentioned in the Linux documentation, so I'd thought I'd contribute my
experences for others to share.  Perhaps the SCSI FAQ maintainer
person could include the following.

The Adaptec AVA-1505 is a 16 bit SCSI adaptor for the ISA bus.  It
uses the AIC6360 chip and appears to be the low-end cost-wise of the
Adaptec line.  It has a DB-25 connector for extenal SCSI (Apple
Macintosh compatible) and a 2 x 25 pin header for internal SCSI
connections.  The card includes terminator resistor packs and a bunch
of jumpers.  The card has no provision for a boot PROM and so SCSI
devices on the attached chain can't be used for start-up.  A diskette
of MS-DOS set-up software is included.

The Linux 1.0.9 kernel boot sequence fails to recognize the AVA-1505
via autodetect.  Thus, some reconfiguration is needed to make things

The solution is to use the "append" string that is known to work for
the Adaptec AHA-1520.  Using the original AVA-1505 memory map I/O
address base, IRQ, unit number, and DMA channel, the LILO
configuration file append string looks like:


With a manual boot, the string value is entered after the boot device
selection (example):

    ramdisk aha152x=0x340,11,7,1

With the above, I now have my Apple SCSI CD300e happily whirring away
feeding data into my machine.

My thanks to Drew Eckhardt for his SCSI HowTo that appears in the 2/e
_Linux Bible_ which was the biggest assist on this item.

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