New Hardware Problem Help Please!

New Hardware Problem Help Please!

Post by roo » Mon, 20 May 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone!

I ventured to install a network at home, and bought a new machine for
this purpose. However there seem to be a few problems, and I was
wondering if someone knows the answers to them.

I have a P100, with Burst Pipeline Cache (whatever that is), and a
Quantum Fireball 1,3 Gigabyte. I think therein lies the problem.
The bios setting for the harddisk is LBA 4, and I am not sure
if that works.

I have he same setting on my old machine and there was never a problem there.

The problem is this:

Sometimes, quite often in fact, when compiling the kernel for exemple, or
earlier today when i looged in as root, the harddisk appears to be working like
mad, and the system just hangs, when I compiled the kernel, (I had to hard reset three
times to do that), I got Error 1, and Error 2 messages, after logging in again, it just
 resumed work there, and eventually Igot a kernel, but it was rather tiring.

Is it something with the harddisk maybe?. Itappears to be that way. It just makes a
 lot of writing noise, and hangs there forever. When compiling it even turned of stout
put, so I just could do Alt Ctrl Del to reboot.

Help would be appreciated, because I can still change the harddisk, if that is the problem,
or would it work if I set the BIOS to Normal rather than LBA 4.

I do have a DOS partition of 300MB at the beginning of the harddisk, (Just so that I could install
 Linux from the CD.

Thank you for the help


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Thanks in advance,

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