RedHat5.1, Dell Lat CPi, 3c575 - linux "sees" memory card not net card

RedHat5.1, Dell Lat CPi, 3c575 - linux "sees" memory card not net card

Post by Prof. C. Bre » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I just installed RH 5.1  - I have a cd for it which is why i'm not
installing RH52 unless I absolutely have to.  The install went
smoothly, I have X working, I have my pcmcia scsi card working, the
only thing that didn't work was my pc network card - a 3com fast ether
3c575.  It was recognized after the install, (when I did a cat
/var/run/stab) but no driver was avail is my guess, because it didn't
assign the card to eth0 or anything - it just said socket 1 - 3com
3c575.  So I retrieved the lasted pcmcia package (3.0.5 I believe) and
did a make config, make all, make install.  Rebooted, and now I can
insert and remove the card, and I get the proper beeps, but it is now
assigned to mem0 (under /var/run/stab) and it is recognized as an
anonymous memory card.  

Any help is appreciated - and please email further explaination is


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when booting i get "net-pf-4", "net-pf-5" not found. It's while
doing the first "ifconfig" in the /sbin/rc.d/boot, which is setting up
the "Dummy-Interface".

I'm running 2.0.25 with Network support into the kernel, ppp as module.
If I'm doing ifconfig _after_ booting, all works fine.
Is it perhaps because the kerneld do not run "full power" at
If I link "IPX-protocl" into the kernel, "net-pf-5" vanishes, but not
I recompiled the kernel with different features (which takes a while
on my 486-33-32MB,ISA) but I did'nt get rid of "net-pf-5"!!!

Please help!


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