Can SUSE 7.2 be installed from a local hard drive to a local hard drive

Can SUSE 7.2 be installed from a local hard drive to a local hard drive

Post by jack decti » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 04:19:59

I have 2 hard drives hda and hdc on redhat 2.2.5-15 kernel.

I downloaded SuSE 7.2 and put the iso file on hda5, wrote
it to the device so I can mount the file iso.

I would like  the boot floopy to find /dev/hda5
instead of the cdrom to do the install from.

Can this be done? Redhat has a premade floppy for this
so I am hoping somewhere I can get this for Suse.

                           Thanks in advance to those who help


1. RHL 7.2 installation failed - install can not detect IDE hard drives

Please help me to show where I missed something in the install


- Pentium Celeron motherboard with integrated Dual Channel PCI IDE
controller, two years old
- one 8GB IDE disks (ST 38421A) as a master and one 40GB IDE disks
(Maxtor 4 K040H2) as a slave, recognised and reported by AMI BIOS
- WIN NT running on the 8GB drive, I would like to install RHL 7.2 on
the slave drive. NT DiskAdmin can work with both drives.
- RHL install boot floppy disk created with rawrite using boot.img
image file
- The two iso image (enigma-i386-disc1.iso, disc2.iso )were downloaded
and burned into two CDs
- The iso files were copied to the primary hard disk

After loading the images from the floppy disk during the install boot
there is a very quick, one and half screen size list of system
information. Both of the HDDs are listed in this list. The screen
cleared within a second and the usual setup started with language and
keyboard selection. The next step is to select the source of the
installation packages.


- Selecting CD as a source of the install package do not recognises
the iso1 package, claiming no RHL CD found in the CD drive
-Selecting hard drive as a source of the install package reports no
hard drive is present in the system.


- which files should be on the RHL CD1 to recognise the CD as an
install CD by the installer? I thought the enigma-386-disc1.iso is
- why did not the probe process recognise the simple IDE HDDs? The PCI
controller I/o addr: 1F0- 1F7, IRQ: 14.
- how is it possible to tell the install where to find the HDDs? Where
is the expert mode described in the documentation?

Thank you in advance,


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