Help with Debian, IBM Thinkpad R31, Superdisk

Help with Debian, IBM Thinkpad R31, Superdisk

Post by Scott Ehrli » Thu, 07 Nov 2002 11:24:07

I have a new IBM Thinkpad model R31 and an IBM Superdisk 240 Meg floppy
drive (LS-120).

I'm trying to put Debian on it via an http or ftp connection, but when I
obtain the Woody compact 1.44 disk images (rescue and root) via another
machine with a normal 1.44 floppy drive, though rescue boots fine on the
R31, a simply disk swap to the root.bin floppy, with a press of the Enter
key, seconds later yields "end_request: I/O error, dev 02:00 (floppy),
sector 0 (repeated several times), then the same message but with sector 2
instead, then RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.
VFS:  Insert root floppy...

I've tried several disks, reobtained the root image from the same and
different sources, waited several minutes after inserting the root disk
before pressing Enter.  Same error.

At rescue, at the boot prompt, I've tried: linux=thinkpad or something
like that.  No luck.

I think the LS-120 drive is causing the problems.  How do I get around



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I have been trying for two full days to get an NFS installation of Debian
onto my new work-issued Thinkpad R31 w/built-in Intel E100 NIC to no

I have a new 3COM/Mhz 10/100 card and an ol' but trusty Xircom IIps card.

With a 2.4.19 kernel monolithically (i.e. no modules) built, with NFS
support compiled in, along with PC Card services, I have learned that the
newer E100 NICs, which this laptop likely has, is not yet supported by the
2.4.19 kernel.  I also have read that the Yenta driver may have PCMCIA IRQ
allocation problems -

I have tried the kernel both with the Yenta driver as-is and modified per
the patch.  No luck with PCMCIA, either, with either card.

How do I get Debian on this laptop via E100 or PCMCIA?

Thanks in advance.


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