login probs and shadow

login probs and shadow

Post by David N. Moreno (El Gua » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

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Hello all;

  The Story so Far,

  I was doing some routine *on my linux box (Slackware, kernel 2.0.23)
I logged off, thought everything was fine, and now it decided not to
let ANYONE log in,  root included.

  I can FTP in, as any user other than root,  and the partition is totally
fine.  I can mount the partition after I use the boot/root disk and I
looked at the passwd and shadow files.

  I went through and deleted the passwords in the shadow file, like the


is now


(dont bother trying to crack the above, I threw random *in it)

 I then rebooted and tried again.  No avial. Didnt try a cold boot,  maybe
I'll try that next.

 Anyway,  I also checked for a nologin file in /etc, and it is not there
the /etc/shells file is just fine, has all of them.

  What now??  I saved the old shadow and shadow- files (what is the
difference by the way???) But they dont work either.

Please post and/or email any ideas... thanks,

Dave Moreno                             Office Phone:(805)756-6455
Math Dept. Cal Poly,SLO               Office: Building 24 Room 104


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