Wu-ftpd uploading problem,

1. Virtual WU-FTPD Uploading problems: Bad File Number

: I installed the patch to WU-FTPD to allow virtual anonymous ftp
: and compiled and installed it. I can log in to the new virtual
: domain, but when I try to issue a command like ls or so I keep
: getting the following error:
: 425 Can't create data socket (,20): Bad file number

Well, I had this error when I was installing wu.ftpd, but I'm not doing
anything with virtual domains.  My fix went something like this: verify the
permissions on the home dirs were set down exactly as in the ftpd(8) man page
and make sure that my /etc/passwd entries were of the form:

joeuser:x:1000:1000:Joe User:/export/home/joeuser/./:/bin/false

and not of the form:

joeuser:x:1000:1000:Joe User:/export/home/joeuser:/bin/false

I forget excatly which of the two was my problem, but I believe that the upshot
it that things can't find libc after wu.ftpd does the chroot().


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