Perls dynamic loading fails for Linux.

Perls dynamic loading fails for Linux.

Post by Dale L. Wil » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I can't get Dynamic Loading to work with perl on my Linux box.  I'm
experianced with Unix, but I'm new to this ELF stuff.

I'm using SlackWare 3.0 (ELF) and the perl source that came with it. (5.01m)

If I run the test perl/t/lib/anydbm.t (or any other lib test) I get:

  perl: can't resolve symbol 'stack_base'
  perl: can't resolve symbol 'na'
  perl: can't resolve symbol 'stack_sp'
  perl: can't resolve symbol 'sv_yes'
  perl: can't resolve symbol 'markstack_ptr'
  Can't load '../lib/auto/Fcntl/Fcntl.none' for module Fcntl: Unable to
    resolve symbol at ../lib/ line 450.

   at ../lib/ line 64
  BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./lib/anydbm.t line 11.

An 'nm' on ./lib/auto/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.a reveals that all of thoes labels
are in DynaLoader.o.

If I write a C program to do a dlopen on DynaLoader.a I get:

  '/usr/home/wiles/perl5.001m/lib/auto/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.a' is not an
    ELF file

I'm guessing that I've got a compiler flag which is wrong.

If anyone can tell me what the flags should be, or just point me to a that generates the correct code for Linux I could sort it out

                                Many Thanks,

Disclaimer: I'm right, you're wrong, so disclaim this!!! <Rude hand gesture.>


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Any suggestions.

Hasmukh Daji

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